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This website arose from my studies at the University of Huddersfield for an MSc in Technology Enhanced Education. My dissertation looked at how instrumental teachers for one music service are incorporating technology into their lessons. The website of resources is one way of sharing good practice and innovative uses of technology observed during my research.

Karen Gourlay August 2014

WHy use technology?

Teachers have being teaching successfully for years without using any of the new developments in technology, so why bother?

Technology won't change your fundamental teaching skills, but it does have the potential to be one of many useful tools that we use in our practice. We live in a technology rich world and our pupils view this as part of everyday life. The following benefits of using technology have been identified by teachers who participated in my research.

  1. Learning can take place at any time and place
  2. It can help monitor progress
  3. It can make learning an instrument more exciting
  4. It is motivating for the student
  5. It is portable
  6. It can encourage learners to learn for themselves
  7. Tools such as metronomes and tuners are available for free
  8. Pupils can listen to different interpretations of pieces
  9. Gives access to a rich range of resources (video, text, audio)
  10. Listening to recordings encourages critical awareness

Welcome to the technology toolkit for instrumental music teachers.

The purpose of this website is to provide a set of resources for teachers who may be interested in using technology to support their instrumental teaching.

With the increase in digital technology, it has never been easier to incorporate technology into lessons, or recommend resources to pupils.  Technology is always changing, so this website will always be a work in progress, but the fundamental principals of using technology as a support to teaching and planning carefully how you use it to enhance lessons remain. Technology is just another tool we can use in our teaching.

The resources pages are split into sections on websites, apps, recording, social learning platforms and software, you can start on any section of the website.

Technology Toolkit